Happy Birthday, David: The Musical debuted at The Pit Striker Stage on October 2017. It was originally written as a one-act that won second place during Manhattan Repertory Theater’s 2013 Winter One-Act Festival.

Written and Directed by Margot Mejia

David, a murder mystery enthusiast, has moved back home with his mother after being dumped by his girlfriend, Katie, of five years. For his 30th birthday his mother throws him a murder mystery themed party to cheer him up, with all the unsuspecting guests being lured off of Craigslist, including an unknown killer, which David doesn't know, so he can play blindly along with everyone attending.

The cast of characters include Jan and Dan, a newlywed couple who believes they are seeing a three bedroom apartment in Greenwich Village for $1,100; John, a hopeless romantic looking to meet his missed connection that was reading 50 shades of grey on the platform waiting for the six train; an affair detective, hired to solve an affair, and only able to solve affairs; Amy, a young college student who believes she is staying overnight in a haunted house to pledge for a sorority; Popsicle, a British call girl who is seeking "Fifty Roses" for her services; a priest, hired to perform an exorcism via the "etcetera" column; and the butler, who is an actor hired to play a butler, which makes him the only guest aware of why he is there that night.

As everyone slowly begins to die the guests must solve which one of them is the murderer lest they be